Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Year since America

One year ago today we left for America for medical research. Thanks to generosity of so many of you, all the medical side of costs were covered by the money fund raised. This meant that were able to have a bit of a holiday too from our personal savings. A few people have asked since then about the fundraising. The funding committee have set up the remaining funds in a savings account for future hospital visits in America.

The specialist Dr’s in America are meeting over the next couple of weeks to review all the NZ doctors notes over the last year from when we saw them.

The long term plan is that every second year it would be ideal for the doctors in America to see me.  The American specialists will meet yearly in between to review notes written by my NZ doctors on my progress during the year, and review any regular blood tests, scans, x-rays and any other tests I have had.

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