Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Wedding and update

Hi everyone the wedding went off with out any problems. We had a great day and managed to get everything sorted before the big day. Here are some photos of our day


After the wedding we had our honeymoon and then we moved up to Wellington to live and life was going good. I was having trouble trouble swallowing some of my pills and mum said about this to one of the doctors on one the DC outreach chats and the doctor said that scaring of throat is part of DC. So one of  my nelson doctors had talked to the gastro team in Wellington and they had organised for me to have a throat scan on Wednesday the  9th of April. But the week before the scan I ended up in A & E and then the hospital for a few nights with a bad sinus infection. I just wanted to check out wellington hospital 🙂 haha. I was dizzy when ever I stood or sat up and felt a bit nauseous. I was put on antibiotics for a few days and I seemed to get better but then had to go on a longer stronger dose as it moved to my chest.

I went and saw the gastro team and they did endoscopy and found that there was some webbing forming in my throat. They disintegrated it and said that the rest of my throat was good and that the webbing may have been causing the problems and to see how I go. I seem to be able to swallow my pills better and haven’t noticed any more swallowing problems.

I have been seeing a dietician and she put me on ensure drinks which I don’t like the best but they are better than some of the other supplement drinks I have had. I have been trying to have one everyday but sometimes it is every second day. The doctors and dietician have said it would be healthy for me to put on a little bit more weight and so when I am sick I have some reserve too, as I have the tendency of dropping when I am sick. The Ensure is working as when I was in hospital last time and with sinus infection and then a chest infection I didn’t drop much weight and have put on a bit of weight lately.

My work has been going well and have been enjoying it. I have been able to do a few more hours lately but still have been taking it easy as not to over do it.

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