Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Tony’s Nelson ICU Update

Further to Tony’s admission into Nelson ICU, 9 days ago, he still remains in ICU but is slowly improving and hopes to go to the main medical ward in the next day or so. He expected to be at least 1 week in the medical ward.

The Danazol has been stopped, that was started a week or 2 prior to his admission. This is a drug we were trying long term to help Tony’s lungs. He may go back on Danazol once he has recovered. It is not sure if this was contributing to everything and his rash. Also there is another drug that will be discussed at the conference which we will now miss in America, that we may have to pay to have brought in ourselves for Tony.

Tony’s bloods also showed high allergy markers, that the Doctors are thinking he has had bad Asthma as well as everything else that has been going on. He has started on Prednisone, and is weaning off some of the heavy duty drugs. His infection levels have finally dropped.

Today he has had times on the oxygen prongs as they are trying to wean him off the Airvo machine. He has done really well with this. Thank you so much to everyone for your prayers and support at this time.

We have postponed our trip to America, that we were supposed to leave for this Friday. We are able to re-book our trip at a later date between now and January 2017. He is feeling much more up to visitors now, and this will be easier once he gets out of ICU.

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