Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Tony’s Nelson ICU Admission

Tony was admitted to Nelson ICU on Tuesday the 23rd of July, with shortness of breath and a very fast heart rate. Upon getting in there they did a wide variety of tests and got him onto 2 strong antibiotics to help his breathing and to start to clear up his chest which showed on a x-ray to have an infection.

Day 2 of his admission he broke out in a rash and was taken off the 2nd antibiotic in case it was an allergic reaction.

His breathing has improved over the course of the last 4 days and is looking better in himself. The rash has not gone, and further tests have been done to find what is causing this. Blood tests on day 4 of his admission showed the antibiotics are not bringing down his infection level and so he has been changed onto a stronger broad spectrum antibiotic.

He is currently remaining in ICU until further notice.

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