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Solving the Puzzle in Boston

San Francisco day 1 & 2

We left Nelson and Auckland on saturday the 22 and had a great sendoff from both airports by friends and family. We left NZ at 7 on Saturday night and arrived on Saturday in San Francisco at 12pm just in time for lunch, after our 12 hour flight.
We got picked up by friends (the Cisneros family) from the airport and then we went out for lunch on the way to their place. We went to the Cheesecake Factory – Union Square for lunch, had a great meal and got some yum cheese cake to take home.



Then today I had to go and have the American flu jab and then we went to the Legion of Honor which is a fine arts museum.

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  1. barbara dicker says:

    have sent a message on facebook and an email, hope you got it, if not email me so I can reply to you , all under control re phone call, lovely photo, love Barbara

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