Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Rest of San Francisco

Sorry for the late post have had a really busy the last couple of weeks.

On Monday we went to a big target store and then to a local Alameda shoe shop.

On Tuesday we went on the cable cars around San Francisco and then to fisherman’s wharf and on the way to the golden gate bridge we saw the America’s cup boats and the team NZ one. There are some photos in the Facebook link below.

One Wednesday we tried to go to computer history museum but didn’t make it there in time so stopped at the station before and had a look around. We took the ferry from Alameda to San Francisco city and the got the train to go to down there.

On Thursday we went to Alcatraz which was great and had a good time. Check out the Facebook below for photos.

On Friday we got to go to on the New bay bridge that is being built in San Francisco.
We also got to go to the computer history museum on Friday the of September in Mountain View. We took the trains to get there. Here is the photos.

Here are some photos of our time in San Francisco .
You don’t have to be on Facebook to view the photos.

Next blogg will be of the week in Washington DC.

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