Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Off the radar

Hi everyone I haven’t posted in a while must seem like I have just fallen off the radar. My life has changed a bit since coming back from America.

I now see more doctors yearly back here in NZ to do with my two conditions as recommended by doctors from the NIH and Boston’s Children’s Hospital which is good.

When we came back to Nelson I started to use my crutches less and less then only if  we were going out for the day and doing lots of walking. It was a great feeling when I handed my crutches back to the hospital.

I am back driving now which is great. It has given me my independence back and means that I don’t have to rely on mum or others to take me places.When I got back I had a goal to get my car going and licensed for the road again.  To start with I just did short trips in my mums car as it is an auto and I didn’t have to worry about the clutch with my legs. I had to retrain my foot to use the accelerator which was hard at times as it was using muscles that hadn’t been used in over a year. After I had mastered the accelerator I started driving my car again and had to get use to a clutch.  I also had to get use to the new right had turn rule.

I got an invitation to go to The Hobbit premiere and walk the red carpet. This was a amazing experience and a great honour. Here is a picture of me in my suit.

Watch this space for more posts in the near future.



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