Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

New York

We got the Amtrack train from Washington DC to New York on Sunday the 7th October and got there about 4pm. We got picked up by the people that we were staying Skip & Nancy Cornelius with from the train stop and they took us to their place.

On Monday we went in to the city which was about an hour on the train. We had ordered a hop on hop off 48 hour bus tour the night before, so we went to get our tickets. We did the tour which took hours and decided to not get off as it was cold and looked like it was going to rain. The buses were Double Decker and had open tops. We managed to get around the tour with getting wet and had a quick look in Kmart and Maceys. Then it was time to go back to where we were staying.

On Tuesday we went in and did the boat tour which was included in our bus tour. It went right around the bottom of Manhattan and some of the way up the other side and then back. On the way back it stopped at the Statue of Liberty. Then we went and had a look at the word trade center memorial building, but ran out of time to see the actual memorial. We did get to see them building the new freedom tower.
After that we went to see the show the phantom of the opera, which was great.

On Wednesday we to Laguardia air port to fly to Portland Maine. We got held up on the runway for an hour waiting for planes to take off and land before we could go.

Here is the link for some of our photos of our time in New York.

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