Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Minuit for Boston

Looking forward to Minuit playing at Elsewhere tonight as a fundraiser for helping me get to Boston. it should be a good night, got my ticket to day and every man said they had sold heaps of tickets. Check out for more info Just found out only a few door tickets left, pre sale tickets sold out.

Also have a head shave coming up next Wednesday the 23rd at  NMIT as a fundraiser for helping me get to Boston too. Check out the poster here

Went to the physio on Wednesday the  16th May and said I was doing well but still needed lots more physio to get back to normal leg movement.  They also have got me into the hospital pool next week which should be good and hopefully get back to doing lengths before my next hip.


Older post that haven’t  got around to posting.

Saturday the 6th May I went out for a drive for the first time since I have been home from having my hip done. I managed to get in and out of the car OK with out to much pain or discomfort and without popping my hip out. Then on Sunday I went to church and then to the deaf fun day for the last day of deaf awareness week. Then later that day I went to Noel Leeming’s to get a mothers day present and some new home phones.

On Monday the 7th May me and mum were looking at travelling around the states. Going to New York and Washington DC  from Boston via train, bus, plane and car.  We also had a email from the doctor in the states about a DC camp in Maine in September last week. Then we heard that the camp was postponed till October. The camp is at in Maine.

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