Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Minuit and Headshave


Last Saturday night 19th May I went to Minuit  for Boston event. I had a great time and caught up with some old friends that I haven’t seen for a while. The atmosphere was awesome and there were heaps of people. Thanks Minuit (Ruth, Paul and Ryan) for coming to play, Elsewhere (Bex and  Jeremy) for the venue, Everyman for the tickets, everybody who made it happen and to every one who came along.


Transplant team

Then on Tuesday 22 May I went to Wellington to see the bone marrow transplant doctor for a follow-up appointment about having a bone marrow transplant. At the last appointment he talked to me about the different types of transplants, the risks which are very high for me and he gave me a book about transplants. He told me to go way and think about having a transplant and to come back to the next visit (this visit) with thoughts and questions. At the last visit he was talking about doing a bone marrow transplant while I was still healthy as it would be a lot harder if I was sick. Even if I had it while it I was healthy it could either significantly reduce or increase my life expectancy, they are not sure.

I decided that I wanted to leave having a transplant till my blood started go haywire instead of just jumping in and maybe shortening my life. I could never need a transplant and my blood may stay stable but low for the rest of my life. Also the fact that they might have a better higher success rate option by then if I need one at a later date.

This time when we did see the doc in Wellington, he had the same opinion as me about leaving it till I need one. He said it was good that I didn’t need a blood transfusion with my hip but wouldn’t be surprised if have to have one before or with my next one. He also is keen on Boston’s opinion but doesn’t want to jump into doing a transplant even if Boston want to do it straight away. The Wellington doctor has decided that the Nelson haematologist will keep an eye on my bloods and I wont need to see the Wellington doc till until they change or if I move up to Wellington for work. I went and had some specialised blood tests for a bone marrow transplant in the future as Boston wanted them done now and sent to them before I get there.


Weta Digital

After we had been at the hospital I had time to go and see my old boss at Weta Digital. I went and saw him and he gave me tour of  all the new stuff in the data centre and I also saw most of the people that I worked with when I was there. It was good to see them and hope to catch up again before I go to Boston.


Head Shave

Wednesday the 23rd was the day of the NMIT head shave fund-raiser. This was instigated by Chris Riley as he wanted to cut his hair for a cause and some one told him about my cause. He and Rachel Boyack-Mayer organised this great event. Thanks to Milton street fish and chips who donated chips for the event. Also thanks to Matt Fawcet, Aaron Fisk and Lori Parker who joined Chris to shave their hair too. Thanks to the NMIT hair dressers for cutting the hair. There was also a coin trail and a tin for people to donate. Thanks also to Artificial Remedy for playing, you were great. Chris has donated his hair to Canteen to be sent away to make a wig. Here are some photos link and the newspaper article link.

Thanks to every one who was involved and donated,  $1083.50 was made.


Pool Physio

On Thursday the 24th I went to the hospital pool and did physio exercises in the pool which I really enjoyed and are going back next week.I can move my leg heaps more than I expected.  I am also going to ask about going swimming to do lengths at Ngawhatu pool for my lungs.

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