Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Hospital Pre-op

Yesterday I spent five hours at Nelson hospital sorting out stuff for my hip operation next Tuesday. I had to go and see a nurse who gave me a form to fill in about me. Eg my allergies, who I live with, my diet do I smoke etc. She did my blood pressure, height and weight. She also asked me if I wanted to keep my hip and I said yes. (Hmm wonder if it could be used for a car gear stick.)

After another wait in the waiting room an occupational therapist came to see me and assessed what I need after the hip replacement. They gave me a whole lot of stuff.  Then I went to see the house surgeon who asked me about my medicines and a couple of other things. The surgeon came in while I was with house surgeon and got me to sign the consent form and asked if there were any questions.

Then I went and had a blood test and as I was about to leave the house surgeon caught mum and said that I had to have another xray. This was because they had xrays for the left hip and I wanted the right one to be done. I think the right one is the worst as it is effecting my knee and my walking.

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