Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Hip update

On Thursday no more morphine pump just pills now. I started using the crutches to walk instead of the walker. I had another blood test, to see how low my blood was, as my haemoglobin was a bit low the day before. Got up a bit more on my crutches and also had a more comprehensive type of ECG as my heart beat was still fast.

Friday morning the surgeon asked me if he could show the other surgeon the hip as it was unusual to be so squashed down like it was. They took x-rays of my new hips then I did some more walking with my crutches and learnt to climb up and down stairs. The physio told me I had to slow down.

On Saturday the surgeon came in and said I could go home. I had to wait for the physio to come and make sure I could go home. I walked down to the end of the hall did some stand up exercises, did the steps and walked back to my room. My nurse cut the two stitches on my wound like the surgeon said then I was free to go home. I got out of the hospital about 3.45 and was home just after 4.

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