Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Health Report, Start of 2015

Hi everyone

I know it has been a while since my last post when I was in America.

After coming back from America I had a lung clinic which I went to where they did a sprio reading, took my oxygen sats and looked at the medical notes from America. They weren’t very happy with the results from the sprio reading and my oxygen sats and the Dr said that he wanted to admit  me to hospital. They admitted me to hospital the next week gave me IV antibiotics, did some tests and kept an eye on me and my progress. I went in on the Tuesday in November and got out on the Sunday so nearly a week in there. They did another sprio reading on the Thursday  while I was in there, which showed a great improvement and was the best one I have done in Wellington. They also did a overnight oxygen monitoring which they said was normal (well normal for someone like me), which was great to hear.

I’ve saw a couple of different physio’s while I was in there and they said I was doing all the right things and had a good technique on my home physio care. They also referred me for starting pulmonary rehab in 2015, that I have started this week.
It is for 1 and a half  hours  twice a week for 8 weeks. Last Tuesday I went to the pulmonary rehab pre-assessment in which  I did a 6 minute walk test where my oxygen sats dropped a we bit but then they stabilized which was good and  it showed that I was able to do the exercise plan okay.

I received another appointment to see the lung clinic again this year for a sprio reading and have a x-ray. I went to this appointment where I had a chest x-ray,did another 6 minute walk test and a sprio reading. I saw the lung specialist Dr about my results and he said my sprio reading and oxygen levels have stayed up and that my chest x-ray shows no worsening, if anything the inflammation might be slightly better. This was great news and he is happy with my progress, so he is going to see me again in 6 months. He said that I might just have to have a blast of IV antibiotics every so often to have a good clean out.


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