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First ride in ambulance

Yesterday I had my first Ride in an ambulance to hospital. I had just got out of the shower, was half dressed and felt like I was going to be sick. I headed out to the kitchen for a drink and was getting really hot. I made it to the kitchen bench and said to mum I need a drink and felt sick. Next thing I could feel my self getting dizzy, spaced out and bending over the bench. I remember mum giving me my drink and me dropping it into the sink. Then I remember being on the bed in the lounge saying to mum I’m OK but still very dizzy and spaced out.

Mum said that she was talking to me and my speech got all slurred and I was spaced out as I was at the bench. Then she said I collapsed and she dragged me to bed. Then she got a phone and rang for an ambulance. When the ambulance crew arrived they took my blood pressure, temperature, pulse and other obs. My blood pressure was very low. Then they decided to take me to the hospital ED in the ambulance. They made me slide from my bed to the stretcher and wheeled me out to the ambulance. They took my obs again on the way to the hospital and did an ECG.

When I got to the hospital they transferred me to a hospital bed, asked what had happened and talked with the ambulance crew. They kept an eye on me and said that it could have been a faint with the low blood pressure or a blood clot.  They got me to have a ultra sound of my leg to see if there were any blood clots and there were none so I got to go home. They recommended low threshold for return if develop any more symptoms or concerns.

I’m great today though and successfully had a shower.

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  1. Jessie says:

    OH my goodness! What a drama! You poor thing Tony..can’t even take a shower in peace!
    So glad you are ok tho…feel sorry for your mum too :(..scarey! thanks for the update! take care..praying for ya’all :)xx

  2. Scott says:

    Tony that’s exactly how i would describe what happens to me apart from the low blood pressure, and i don’t have to be in the shower, it could be anything lol. well its good to see that your alright and you didn’t hurt your self. hope your all ok and i will see Sunday, Monday or Tuesday

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