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Solving the Puzzle in Boston

first hip op

Yesterday I had my first hip operation, the right hip. I didn’t have any thing to eat or drink after 6.40 am except a small sip to take my medicines. I went to the gym and then had a shower with the antiseptic gel. I went to daystay at 12 and when I asked where I was on the list they said I was first on the list. I was taken into a room where they took my obs, asked me my allergies and confirmed that I was Tony Bayard.

The surgeon came and then I went to theatre where they replaced the socket and femur. I have my femur in a pottle click here to see pictures(are graphical).

My surgery was about two hours long and they said it went well. They kept me in recovery for a while and got the physio in for my chest while I was there. I ended up having an ECG at 11.30 last night as my heart was racing. The ECG was normal. The morphine pump helped with the pain but made me feel woozy.

Then today I got up out of the bed in the morning with the help of a physio and the use of a walking frame. Then in the afternoon just before tea I had another go at getting up and went for a small walk and sat in the chair for tea.

Thanks for all who came to visit.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Wow Tony you’re amazing..not only a major op yesterday, but today you’re writing about it! And you’re up and about already!! Excellent! when is the second? Not that I’m wishing it on you too soon!! Take care..God bless you! Jessie and Steve

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