Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Canada, Boston, LA, Rarotonga & NZ


We went to Canada to stay with friends after we had finished at Boston Children’s Hospital. They came down and picked us up on Friday afternoon. We drove to Vermont and stopped for the night. The next day we went and saw where the Von trapp (sound of music) family had their place, on the way to Canada. We didn’t do much for the next few days when we were in Canada just had some time relaxing. Then on Thursday we drove to Niagara falls, its much better from the Canadian side than the American side. After we had visited the falls we started to drive back to Boston for our flight to LA, we stopped after about 3 hours of driving from Niagara for the night. The next day we drove the rest of the way to Boston and got there around tea time.  Here are some pictures.


We had Saturday in Boston to recover before our early flight on Sunday. We went and did some shopping in the afternoon and I got some dress shirts and a messenger bag. There was lots on TV about the storm that was coming to Boston on Monday. Our flight was early Sunday morning so that was OK  We got up at 4 am and got ready to go to the airport it just seemed like any other day at the airport although they did say your flight could be canceled with the weather. We got on the plane to LA and it was a bit bumpy as we flew over New York but then the rest of the flight was OK. We started to watch the news on TV in the plane and they were saying that everything was being shut down at 7 pm that night.


We arrived in LA and had friends that we met at the DC camp come and pick us up and take us back to their place for the afternoon. We didn’t get to see much of LA but it was great catching up with them and chatting about stuff. We went to the airport around 9 pm for our flight to Rarotonga and had a good flight there.


We arrive in Rarotonga at 7 am and got taken to our resort. We had our complementary breakfast and took a tour of the resort. We were staying at Sanctuary Rarotonga which was a adults only resort but was part of The Rarotonga beach resort and spa where families can stay. We couldn’t get into our room till 2 so when we did we looked at the news and saw all devastation of the storm.
We spent most of our time there just relaxing, we did go to town one day for a look and went around the whole island on the bus. We did lots of swimming and tried snorkeling and kayaking. I couldn’t do kayaking as couldn’t sit up straight in the kayak but saw lots of fish when snorkeling. Here are some pictures.

New Zealand

We left Rarotonga on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Auckland on Friday night even though it’s only around a 4 hour flight. We stayed with my cousin in Auckland for the night then flew back to Nelson the next day.

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