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Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Boston T Party update

Boston T Party

Had the Boston T Party on Saturday night the 16th June. It went well we had the Plinkers come and play on the night for live music. We had over 50 different auction items with lots of different items for different ages. We had a USA theme with lots of blue white and red balloons napkins and a couple of USA flags. We made over $6000 which was a great achievement. Thanks to all the business that donated items for the auction and stuff for the night.  Also thanks to everyone who helped organise it and helped on the night.

Thanks to the following businesses for donating

 City Fitness             Speedy Print             Global Soap             Rata Room NMIT             (Stirling Sports)             Lambretta’s             Opus             Miter 10 Mega             Verdict Ale House             Stables             Vertical Limits             623             Elsewhere             Columbus Coffee             Paper Plus             Stefano’s             United Video             Rutherford Gallery             Ford’s             Vintage Heaven             Presbyterian Support             Kimi Ora             Liquid NZ Bar             Action Tenpin bowling             Seifried Estate Winery             Bunnings Warehouse             Prices 7 Day Pharmacy             Monterey             Squires             Quality Backer             Hurst & Taylor             Rollos             Hairanoya             Pomeroy’s             Activate Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation             Eyebright             New World             Stewart Cycles.

Thanks to the following families for donating

Marshall             Robb             Ash             Burton             Christieson             Thorpe             Cunningham             B Gilbert             Margaret Cooper             Chatman             Ballytine             Finlayson             Dicker             Andrews             Nott             S Watson             Redwood             K Vanderburg             Robert Finlayson             As One             Griffith             Skilton             Orr             Hobson             Richards             Kleiven             Sam Kemp             Kemp             Trish Witt             Thompson             J Bayard             Tutty             M Robb             Chapman             Russ             N Sawyer             N Louverdis.


Hip operation

My next hip will be done on the 17th of July so only about 3 weeks to go. I am down to one crutch now and sometimes use none which the physo said is ok at home but not when going out.

I have been going to the hospital pool every Thursday for physio and asked the Thursday before last if could try swimming and they said yes but only in the hospital pool first. So last Thursday after doing all my pool exercises I got to try kick with a flutter board. I was able to kick both my legs keep them afloat and slowly move across the pool. Something I havent been able to do for the last year. My legs had been sinking when swimming so I had to use a pull buoy to keep my legs afloat and just use my arms.

I also have been for another small drive in mum’s car (auto) which has been going well but am still finding it hard to go between the accelerator and brake. So are looking forward to being able to drive again(with a manual of course) after the next hip.

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  1. Jessie says:

    GREAT NEWS TONY! ALL OF IT! so happy to hear you raised a great amount at the auction..and i hear things are going really well financially to get you going! Excellent to hear about your progress in the pool..and the next hip coming up soon..flip! you’re going thru a lot for sure! keep pushing thru..keep the updates coming! love to you from us 🙂 x

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