Solving the Puzzle

Solving the Puzzle in Boston

Hospital Pre-op

Yesterday I spent five hours at Nelson hospital sorting out stuff for my hip operation next Tuesday. I had to go and see a nurse who gave me a form to fill in about me. Eg my allergies, who I live with, my diet do I smoke etc. She did my blood pressure, height and weight. She also asked me if I wanted to keep my hip and I said yes. (Hmm wonder if it could be used for a car gear stick.)

After another wait in the waiting room an occupational therapist came to see me and assessed what I need after the hip replacement. They gave me a whole lot of stuff.  Then I went to see the house surgeon who asked me about my medicines and a couple of other things. The surgeon came in while I was with house surgeon and got me to sign the consent form and asked if there were any questions.

Then I went and had a blood test and as I was about to leave the house surgeon caught mum and said that I had to have another xray. This was because they had xrays for the left hip and I wanted the right one to be done. I think the right one is the worst as it is effecting my knee and my walking.

Campbell Live Date

Just heard from Campbell Live don’t think going to air tonight but should be tomorrow night which is exciting. Will be recording it and it should be on tv3 ondemand. Check out the interview blog for more info about the TV interview.

TV interview

Rachel Tiffen and Billy Weepu came from Campbell Live today to interview me about Solving the puzzle in Boston. They interviewed me first about my life, what I enjoy doing and what I could do before my hips.  Also about going to Boston and Aaron.Then they interviewed mum and dad. And Dave after that.

It was good to do the interview and I was a little nervous to start with but once we got started it was easy. I want to do another interview now and wont mind doing one next time. I still have to conquer my fear of public speaking but have been working on it.

Thanks Rachel and Billy for interviewing me and my story.

The interview should be on this week unless they have any urgent news. Will keep posted with when it will be.

TV interview date

Some people from Campbell Live were meant to come and visit yesterday about the interview for going to Boston. We rung them in the morning to see when they were coming. They didn’t get back to us by lunch time so I booked my flu shot at the doctors for two pm. I went for the flu shot and was fine, didn’t hurt and forgot that I had it by the time I got home.

Then today we had a phone call from Campbell Live today to say that they would be able to do the interview on Monday the 16th April which was great. I am still excited about doing it even if its next week.

Keep tuned as will put up TV interview date on the website and Facebook.

Hip replacment date

Got a phone call to say the my hip replacement would be done on the 24th of April. I was annoyed that I would have to wait a month when in the pre appointment on Monday they said with in the next few weeks. I asked if they had booked for the second hip six weeks later they said they had to see how it goes and that they wouldn’t book me in for my next hip six weeks later.

I had life group meeting and told them the news. They had a point that on the form for my hip operation it said that they could take up to 6 months for the operation.  So that made me feel better and happy that my hip were being done in a month.

NMIT Graduation

I had my Graduation for my Bachelor of Information Technology at the Trafalgar centre. At the graduation Sarah from the Nelson mail interviewed me about using the Segway and why I needed it. I got to go on a Segway for the graduation for the walk through town. There was a photo of me in the nelson paper and on stuff.

Also a big thanks to NMIT for providing the Segway for me. It meant I could participate in the graduation walk.

Sarah also said that they would get hold of me next week to do an interview about me going to Boston and the fund raising.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Today I went to see a Orthopaedic Surgeon about a hip replacement and will be seeing a anaesthetist in two to three weeks. Then will be all go for two hip replacements. They gave me a book on hip replacements

Bone marrow transplant team

Went to bone marrow team today and found out about bone marrow transplant and what the risks are. I have to go back in three months.